Meet our team


LodeStar includes a talented group of pragmatists from both sides of the political aisle. We share a common belief in the Second Amendment and an individual’s right to choose any legal firearm. We also share a deep commitment to building the most reliable firearm of any kind using the finest materials and undergoing the most rigorous field testing. LodeStar will only do one thing – make personalized firearms – and we believe we can make and sell over a million of them annually in 5 to 7 years.




A thirty-year corporate executive with expertise in both law and finance after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Boston College and Villanova Law Schools and Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative.

Gareth is a seasoned tri-athlete who believes that LodeStar is the ultimate culmination of a successful career, including a tenure as Vice President of Corporate Finance for Alcon Laboratories. Gareth was part of the leadership team that took Alcon public and helped it become one of the world’s largest eye-care pharmaceutical and surgical companies. Glaser had also previously worked for Exxon and ARCO.

He is inspired by the business opportunity to disrupt a staid $7 billion gun industry, as well as the immense potential, lifesaving societal benefit that a commercially available smart gun offers.



Chief Marketing Officer

A former college football and rugby player at Yale University with an MBA in marketing from UCLA and over 30 years of corporate and start-up business experience.

Ralph brings a strong corporate marketing pedigree with time spent at Procter and Gamble, JWT and Heinz. He founded and built a leading advertising and public relations agency, with a client base that includes Microsoft, CVS.Com, NVidia and Intel and over a hundred tech start-ups. Ralph has been deeply involved in gun-related issues for almost 20 years, including as a consultant to leading training gun manufacturer, Smart Firearms.



Chief Gun Designer

Legendary German gunsmith and former chief designer at Heckler & Koch.

Mr Mauch arguably is the world’s foremost firearm designer. He is the first foreign-born winner of  the Chinn Award, which honored his achievement in small-arms weaponry. He is credited to have designed the only RFID smart gun to be commercially available. Mr Mauch currently consults for a number of defense and gun manufacturers in Europe, North American and the Middle East.



Advisors and board members include the former head of US Customs and Border Protection and two time President of the Major City Chiefs Association, Gil Kerlikowske; former Seattle Police Chief, John Diaz; two former three-star Generals; the former President/COO of a leading biotech company; the former VP of a well-known firearms company; and experts in technology venture capital.





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